Repeat after me: I am an adult.

Hello humans. (I’m not sure why I keep using this greeting….maybe it means i’m quirky?)

Probably not.

So anyways humans, I have dubbed this weekend, “Celeste gets her shit together weekend”.

Why, you ask?

Well, one because I’m a hot mess. And two, I am flying solo this weekend and I have decided to make the best of it. I really think I’m a contradiction of human emotion. I love being alone, BUT as long as I know that people I love are nearby. When I’m actually alone, I often feel panicked and stupid. I feel like that because I am alone, I am pathetic and so on. 

But not this weekend, friends. No, I looked myself in the eye and said, “it’s time to be an adult, girl. You need to learn how to function as an adult and a human being”. Of course I soon realized I was actually talking to myself, and then I just felt strange. My head is a strange place to reside. But this is what I’ve come to the conclusion of: college does absolutely no good in preparing people to be adults and function alone.

Because, in college you are NEVER alone! You are constantly surrounded by roommates (because no one can afford to live alone) and classmates and so on. We thrive on the constant together-ness. So, when we are cruelly thrust into adult life (I’m not quite over that yet) its like we revert back to toddlers who need constant attention. 

But not this weekend! No, i have grabbed this weekend by the balls and become a productive polly.

This is my list of productivity thus far:

1. packed my old apartment to be moved into storage

2. bribed people into helping me move the shit into storage

3. hung pictures in my new room (and i only hammered my thumb THREE times!)

4. Took off the doors of my closet and replaced them with curtains. 

Note: this was truly hysterical for the dog to watch i’m sure. My short and stout body wobbling on my desk chair while i attempted to screw in the curtain rack. Took about 45 minutes of swearing and a bottle of wine before that bastard was screwed into the wall. BUT IT IS NOW, AND THAT’S WHAT COUNTS RIGHT? As you can tell, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to home improvement. I’m one of those people that starts those god-forsaken pinterest projects and ends up drunk and angry. 

5. Found out that i have a JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow!! woooooooooo! Now if I can manage to get all my shit into storage and then put myself together enough to look like an acceptable human being and then talk about how awesome i am, that will be miraculous  I’m sure I will be writing about that experience in another post. 

6. Got myself an extra babysitting job to make some extra cash (because we all need that). I also feel like I’m on an episode of cribs because this house is HUGE. I’m currently immersing myself in the cable tv and exploring this mansion. 

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully my ramblings aren’t too boring, and you’ll continue to read about what goes on in my boring life. 

Later, alligator. 

God, I’ve got to fix this. 



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