I’m kind of an adult now….?

Hello all,

I know, I know. I’m an embarrassment to the craft of writing because I haven’t written in forever, and so on and so forth….. I know. But I’ve had a lot of stuff, really good and really bad, happen and I’m just now able to maybe think clearly. So, if you can understand that, then know that I’m at a weird place in my life and trying to sift everything out. So, because talking about all the bad stuff makes me want to curl into a ball and chug a bottle of wine, we’ll stick with the good stuff for now. So many feelings….

Anyways, good thing #1- I got a job!!!! with benefits and things!! and it’s a fulltime job and I get paid fulltime money! weeeeeee! I’m sure there will be a post about the pros and cons of working full time. More on that soon. But so far I like my job, and that’s half the battle right?

good thing #2- I bought a condo!!! WHAT?? Oh I know, I didn’t see that coming. From the person whose prize possession is a laptop, this is a massive step. Unfortunately, I know nothing about home ownership. I’m sure this will spawn multiple posts, but it is exciting and terrifying all at once. So am I living in the condo I just bought? Not exactly…..
This is the next part of the story. Because the condo needs a lot of fixing up, I can’t move in just yet. So I am vested with the task of overseeing the renovations. Because I know exactly what I’m doing….. So where am I living you ask? Well, thankfully my parents own a beach house and are allowing me to stay there until renovations end.

Well, that’s awesome! You get to live in a beach house!
….Yes, it is awesome. But I forgot to mention that the beach house is on an island only accessible by ferry boat with no cars being allowed on the island. Only golf carts. And there are no stores or anything out there either. I just got internet out there and it’s been glorious.
So, to sum it all up, my life has become a lifetime movie. Girl moves to deserted island to find herself and repair her life. Girl also tries to avoid contracting malaria, ringworm, and being killed in the night by a serial killer. There will also be a post about these things because living on an island is never boring.

So I’m asking you to buckle up and bare with me, because as I’m discovering this being an adult thing is not as easy as I previously thought. But I promise to entertain you with stories of my utter stupidity and inability to function.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. BYE! 


PS. Next up: The Demon Deer of Dewees…cause it’s an alliteration…..get it?!


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