Oh, hey there!

IMG_0089I love writing. I always have, and I love documenting the adventures I have. I live in the great state of South Carolina, and in the city of Charleston. I have always felt an attraction to this city; I came here for college four years ago. I loved it so much that I realized I wanted to continue my adventures here, and I found a job in Charleston after graduation. I am a lover of wine, and good food. My heart is always by the ocean. I try to write in the most authentic voice possible, and I find myself often narrating these adventures in my head. I write because it is cathartic, and I strive to understand the hot mess in my mind.

When I’m not drinking copious amounts of wine, I’m usually thinking about the pointless ramblings I’ll be subjecting y’all to. Wanna contact me? Always feel free to tweet (like the twitter, not the bird) @celesteseymore or email me at celestecarrseymore@gmail.com

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