Resolutions, Big News, and as always, Dogs

I am the worst, I am aware guys. Here I come with my big announcement about promising to post way more, and then I fall off the map for forever. If you’re imagining my short and stout self, please know that i’m begging for forgiveness. I’m so sorry! I hope other bloggers have run into this, but i fell into a bit of a dry writer’s spell. Ignore the obvious sexual connotation there please. Ya dirty birds.

So, let me start from the beginning. I have always been a big believer in not writing if you have nothing to write about. I know people say that you should write everyday, but I really don’t think that fits every writer. Really, every brain is different, and if its like mine it goes about 90 MPH. If you’re like me, major life events puts a huge stop on your creativity. And that’s exactly what happened. I was going through some stuff, and honestly I had nothing to write about. When I’m not emotionally intact, I don’t feel like I write great content. Honestly, it would be really fragmented, horribly spelled, garbage. And no one wants that hot mess on their feed. Consider that my apology, and now I’ll tell you why.

Honestly, the past month or so I just wasn’t very happy. Things at work had gotten really bad, and it was starting to come over into my personal life. I know people say that you should keep work and personal life separate, but its really hard to just be in a good mood after you’ve had an awful day. I felt like I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore, and that the negativity from work was just making me miserable. I stayed in this mental pit for a couple weeks, before coming to the conclusion it was time to look for a new job. As a new graduate, I immediately thought, “what if I can’t find another job?!” So i started looking, and for a while heard nothing back. This only dug the mental pit deeper, and without the encouragement from the lady and family, I would’ve stopped looking altogether. But, as I’ve discovered the universe always has a plan. Out of the blue, I got a call from an incredible company in Charleston that I had looked at before. They had an opening, and wanted to interview me! Sometimes, the universe may take a metaphorical dump on you (not sure how that might be literal-sorry for the plethora of awful metaphors) I went through the interview and low and behold they gave your girl the job! Not only was this an incredible opportunity, but it made me excited to go to work again, and that was huge.

I think that negativity can truly do so much to destroy a person’s life. It was only when i started my new job did I realize that you do ultimately have the power to change bad things in your life. So it’s time for me to impart some wisdom on your angelic souls, because sharing is caring:

If you do not like something in your life, you are allowed to change it. You don’t need to explain or validate why you’re changing it.

So my biggest resolution was to start a new job and adventure which I’ve done. The lady and I have also decided we are going to stop cramming ourselves full of junk and eating better. And honestly, i feel loads better! I am not a fan of dieting but I am a fan of making healthy changes. I’m sure I’ll be talking about that soon.

And no, I didn’t cut out wine. Because I love wine. Next!

To make up for my perpetually grumpy leave of absence I’ve attached some pictures from the holidays. It involves the dog looking very cute, and me looking more or less presentable. Story of my life.


Dennis didn't really understand what fetching is, but I sure do now.

Dennis didn’t really understand what fetching is, but I sure do now.


First Christmas. He got more gifts than I did. Is this what having children is like??

Go Pats!

Go Pats!


Hallelujah- it’s the weekend

Well, it was the weekend. Sorry for the late post you guys! ūüôā

I don’t know about y’all, but weekends are sacred days for me. I work full time, and Monday through Friday, and by Friday I usually feel like I may just lose my mind. Fridays I think are the greatest days because they hold the promise of NOT having to wake up early the next day. Note: if you work on the weekend, I apologize, you brave souls.

What do you guys do when you’re not at work/school? Personally, I’m an errand runner. Usually during the week, I’m way too tired to deal with any of those pressing adult things. What do these things include? Ya know: laundry, cooking, peeling one’s self off the couch after guzzling wine. I’m not the only one who does that right?

Personally, it’s been a crazy ass couple of weeks. I know I just started blogging, so I’m going to try to bring you up to speed on the hot mess express that’s been rolling around here:

Working Hard or hardly working?

Working Hard or hardly working?

1. We got new windows in our condo! We signifies my lady and I- yes, we live together. This wouldn’t normally be a huge deal, but A. we live in a tiny condo and B. this has needed to be done since I bought the condo. As I quickly discovered, you have to choose your battles in the war of condo renovation. The process of replacing the windows meant two days filled with dust and two very upset cats. But it’s done, yay!

2. We got a dog! I know, two cats and we are adding another?? But we can’t help it! We rescued him from the Charleston Animal Society and he’s been the best boy! His name is Dennis, and we think he is a hound. He’s too cute and just follows us around the condo. He had some infections, and is just finishing a heart worm treatment, but is otherwise doing well!

So, in light of these busy past few weeks, I am looking forward to being lazy and not doing anything. What do you guys like to do on the weekends?

This post is also to gain some ideas from you all about what kinds of posts you would like to see. Do you like hearing about LGBT things? Life things? ¬†Strange streams of consciousness like this post?? If i’m rambling, i’d like to be rambling about something that people will want to read. ¬†So I’d appreciate it if you left a comment for me! Not like I’ll be waiting right by my computer or anything….

Yes, yes I will.

Have a lovely weekend you beautiful cherubs you!


Repeat after me: I am an adult.

Hello humans. (I’m not sure why I keep using this greeting….maybe it means i’m quirky?)

Probably not.

So anyways humans, I have dubbed this weekend, “Celeste gets her shit together weekend”.

Why, you ask?

Well, one because I’m a hot mess. And two, I am flying solo this weekend and I have decided to make the best of it. I really think I’m a contradiction of human emotion. I love being alone, BUT as long as I know that people I love are nearby. When I’m actually alone, I often feel panicked and stupid. I feel like that because I am alone, I am pathetic and so on.¬†

But not this weekend, friends. No, I looked myself in the eye and said, “it’s time to be an adult, girl. You need to learn how to function as an adult and a human being”. Of course I soon realized I was actually talking to myself, and then I just felt strange. My head is a strange place to reside. But this is what I’ve come to the conclusion of: college does absolutely no good in preparing people to be adults and function alone.

Because, in college you are NEVER alone! You are constantly surrounded by roommates (because no one can afford to live alone) and classmates and so on. We thrive on the constant together-ness. So, when we are cruelly thrust into adult life (I’m not quite over that yet) its like we revert back to toddlers who need constant attention.¬†

But not this weekend! No, i have grabbed this weekend by the balls and become a productive polly.

This is my list of productivity thus far:

1. packed my old apartment to be moved into storage

2. bribed people into helping me move the shit into storage

3. hung pictures in my new room (and i only hammered my thumb THREE times!)

4. Took off the doors of my closet and replaced them with curtains. 

Note: this was truly hysterical for the dog to watch i’m sure. My short and stout body wobbling on my desk chair while i attempted to screw in the curtain rack. Took about 45 minutes of swearing and a bottle of wine before that bastard was screwed into the wall. BUT IT IS NOW, AND THAT’S WHAT COUNTS RIGHT? As you can tell, I’m pretty much useless when it comes to home improvement. I’m one of those people that starts those god-forsaken pinterest projects and ends up drunk and angry.¬†

5. Found out that i have a JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow!! woooooooooo! Now if I can manage to get all my shit into storage and then put myself together enough to look like an acceptable human being and then talk about how awesome i am, that will be¬†miraculous¬† I’m sure I will be writing about that experience in another post.¬†

6. Got myself an extra babysitting job to make some extra cash (because we all need that). I also feel like I’m on an episode of cribs because this house is HUGE. I’m currently immersing myself in the cable tv and exploring this mansion.¬†

Anyways, that’s all¬†I’ve¬†got for now. Hopefully my ramblings aren’t too boring, and you’ll continue to read about what goes on in my boring life.¬†

Later, alligator. 

God, I’ve got to fix this.¬†